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Authentic Montale Aoud Sense EDP 2ml Perfume Sample Vial (U)

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Aoud Sense by Montale is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. Aoud Sense was launched in 2015.

Fragrance: Woody Fougere
Top notes: orange mandarin pepper cloves
Middle Notes: Agarwood (Oud) Rose
Base Notes: Vetiver
Properties: Neutral fragrance
Perfumer: Pierre Montale
Tags: citrus rose agarwood fresh and spicy warm spicy rich woody sweet earthy floral

蒙塔莱 乌木感官是一款木质芳香调的中性香水。 Aoud Sense 于 2015 年推出。

前调:橙子 橘子 胡椒 公丁香
中调:沉香(乌木) 玫瑰
调香师:Pierre Montale
标签:柑橘 玫瑰 沉香 清新辛辣 温暖辛辣 浓郁 木香 甜 泥土 花香