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Authentic Lanvin Jeanne Blossom EDP 100ml (W)

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Lanvin Jeanne Blossom Eau de parfum is a floral fragrance for women.
Contains blackcurrant and lychee. The base of vanilla, musk and patchouli provides a subtle touch of sensuality.

-The iconic scent of Jeanne Lanvin Blossom reinvented the poetic and romantic version. -Rose button, still green and covered with fresh morning sauce to emphasize the musk.

Lanvin’s scents are not just based on different fragrant ingredients, they offer something for every sense: a happy state of mind, a poetic feel, and a colorful accent. Fine and elegant scents take the wearer to romantic Paris.

The history of this brand should be distinguished from the history of its founder, Jeanne Lanvin. His handprint is visible in all his creations. She was an elegant woman to whom luxury was no stranger, and her love of life inspired her to create and discover new fragrance creations. From the unique Arpègen fragrance to the latest creations - all of these unique fragrance sets express the great qualities of a Lanvin woman: brightness, joy, inspiring spontaneity, unique romance and innate elegance.

In 1927, Jeanne Lanvin released a new fragrance in honor of her daughter Marguerite’s 30th birthday, expressing her style with exceptional elegance. It was a legendary Arpège fragrance, where the combination of rare and precious flowers (Bulgarian rose, jasmine, iris) is like a seductive invitation to a thriving garden. The scent stood out from the crowd with an Art Deco-style bottle adorned with black and gold.

Jeanne Lanvin is a legend in the fashion world: a visual professional, patron of the avant-garde, who opened the door to her fashion house in 1889, which was like the starting point for true femininity. Today, Lanvin is the fashion house with the longest history in France, which has remained a fashion prophet and is also synonymous with love, femininity and perfection.

原料: -

- Jeanne Lanvin Blossom 的标志性香味重塑了诗意和浪漫的版本。 - 玫瑰按钮,仍然是绿色的,上面覆盖着新鲜的早酱,以强调麝香。

Lanvin 的香水不仅基于不同的芳香成分,还提供了各种感官的东西:快乐的心态、诗意的感觉和色彩缤纷的口音。精致优雅的香味将佩戴者带入浪漫的巴黎。

这个品牌的历史应该与其创始人Jeanne Lanvin 的历史区分开来。他的手印在他所有的创作中都可见。她是一位优雅的女人,对奢华并不陌生,她对生活的热爱激发了她创造和发现新的香水创作。从独特的 Arpègen 香水到最新的作品 - 所有这些独特的香水套装都表达了浪凡女性的伟大品质:明亮、快乐、鼓舞人心的自发性、独特的浪漫和与生俱来的优雅。

1927 年,Jeanne Lanvin 为庆祝女儿 Marguerite 的 30 岁生日发布了一款新香水,以非凡的优雅表达了她的风格。这是一款传奇的 Arpège 香水,珍稀花卉(保加利亚玫瑰、茉莉、鸢尾花)的组合就像是对欣欣向荣花园的诱人邀请。这款香水在人群中脱颖而出,带有装饰艺术风格的黑色和金色瓶子。

Jeanne Lanvin 是时尚界的传奇人物:视觉专业人士,前卫的赞助人,她于 1889 年打开了她的时装屋的大门,这就像真正女性气质的起点。如今,Lanvin 是法国历史最悠久的时装屋​​,它一直是时尚先知,也是爱、女人味和完美的代名词。