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Authentic Hayes Pink Cloud Premium Sanitary Napkin & Pantyliner Set 卫生棉 (New Packaging)

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RM 38.00
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RM 38.00
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RM 0.00
Cheaper Price Ever 谁与争锋 XD
Promotion Combo Offer x2 (Best Choice)
-Premium Box Set x2 (RM112.5)
-Day 245mm(24Pads) x2 (RM63)
-ExtraLong 320mm(15) x2 (RM63)
-Night 290mm(15Pads) x2 (RM63)
-PantyLiner 155mm(60) x2 (RM63)

Premium Set A
-Day use 245mm(Wings) 8pads x 2 packs
-Night use 290mm(Wings) 5pads x 2 packs
-Extra Long 320mm(Wings) 5pads x 1 pack
-Pantyliner 155mm 20pads x 1 pack
-Holographic pouch x1
-Hayes Wish Card x1

A la Cart x1
-Hayes Pink Cloud Pantyliner 155mm X 60 Pads Sanitary
-Hayes Pink Cloud Day Use 245mm X 24 Pads
-Extra Long 320mm(Wings) X 15Pads
-Hayes Pink Cloud Night Use 290mm X 15 Pads Sanitary

护垫 155mm

Pink Cloud’s main features:
✅ Each piece of sanitary pad/pantyliner contains graphene + anion pink strip
✅ Nobel Prize Winning discovery - Graphene, superconducting properties
✅ Improves microcirculation and blood flow
✅ Balance body's pH
✅ Healthier and boosted metabolism
✅ Relieve painful abdominal cramps and blood clots
✅ Strengthen immune system
✅ 99.9% bacteria filtering
✅ Prevent infection and inflammation
✅ Eliminates odor caused by bacteria
✅ Improve cervical health
✅ 8-layer protection design, perfect fluid flow structure for fast absorption
✅ Japan's high quality Siper Absorbent Polymer (SAP), absorb up to 200ml almost instantly
✅ Fluid locking function - the surface is kept dry all the time, comfortable and breathable
✅ 1.2D top super fine cotton with incredible soft touch feeling and flexibility
✅ Zero fluorescent and skin irritation substance
✅ Lab-test proven to be non-allergic and zero side effect.
✅ Certificate:FDA, CE, ISO

✅阻止细菌滋长 而且有助改善子宫颈健康
✅重点:8层超薄的防护设计只有0.8毫米 ,表面无时无刻保持干爽,舒适透气
✅ 经过实验室检验证明无刺激敏感性物质、无副作用