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Authentic Halloween Beware Of Yourself EDT 1.5ml Perfume Sample Vial (M)

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Launched in 2012, Halloween Man Beware of Yourself is a unique iteration of the original Halloween Man. The fragrance is described as an attractive oriental fragrance with fresh and woody notes that add to its vibrancy.
The fragrance is aimed at the man who does not subscribe to stereotypes. He is not one to follow trends and run away from danger. He is a man who views life from multiple perspectives and is more than aware of himself and who he can be. He is willing to admit his weaknesses, but not at the cost of his self-esteem and confidence. In other words, he only fears himself.

于 2012 年推出,Halloween Man Beware of Yourself 是原始万圣节 Man 的独特迭代。 这款香水被描述为一种迷人的东方香水,带有清新的木质香调,增添了它的活力。
这款香水针对的是不认同刻板印象的男士。 他不是随波逐流和逃避危险的人。 他是一个从多个角度看待生活的人,并且非常了解自己和自己可以成为什么样的人。 他愿意承认自己的弱点,但不会以自尊和自信为代价。 换句话说,他只怕自己。