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Authentic Dunhill Icon Racing Red EDP 2ml Perfume Sample Vial (M)

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Brand: Dunhill
Fragrance: Woody Fuqi Fragrance
Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, cardamom
Middle notes: orange blossom, pepper, lavender
Base notes: Guaiac wood, vetiver, musk
Attribute: Male Fragrance
Perfumer: Laurent Le Guernec
Tag: rich citrus fresh and spicy white flowers woody warm and spicy

前调:香柠檬 葡萄柚 小豆蔻
中调:橙花 胡椒 薰衣草
后调:愈创木 香根草 麝香
调香师:Laurent Le Guernec
标签:浓郁 柑橘 清新辛辣 白色花 木香 温暖辛辣