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Authentic Dior Sauvage EDT 1ml Perfume Sample Vial (M)

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Fragrance: Fuqi fragrance
Top note: pepper bergamot
Middle note: geranium, lavender, pepper, olive oil, pink pepper, vetiver, patchouli
Base note: cedar, labdanum, norbergh ether
Attribute: Male incense
Perfumer: Francois Demachy
Tag: fresh and spicy amber rich citrus musk

前调:胡椒 香柠檬
中调:老鹳草 薰衣草 花椒 榄香脂 粉红胡椒 香根草 广藿香
后调:雪松 劳丹脂 降龙涎香醚
调香师:Francois Demachy
标签:清新辛辣 琥珀 浓郁 柑橘 麝香
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