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(Wholesale)Authentic Dunhill Century Blue EDP 2ml Perfume Sample Vial

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Brand: Dunhill
Fragrance: Woody Fuqi
Top notes: pepper, orange, bergamot
Middle notes: iris flower, benzoin, neroli oil, ginger
Base notes: salt, oak moss, patchouli, and ambergris
Attribute: male fragrance
Tag: citrus woody amber warm and spicy earthy fresh and spicy

前调:胡椒 橘子 香柠檬
中调:鸢尾花 安息香 橙花油 生姜
后调:盐 橡木苔 广藿香 降龙涎香醚
标签:柑橘 木香 琥珀 温暖辛辣 泥土 清新辛辣